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Table 2 Crystal-like structures do not disappear once constructed

From: Activated and inactivated immune responses in Caenorhabditis elegans against Photorhabdus luminescens TT01

  Pl 12 h + Ec 0 h Pl 12 h + Ec 48 h
  Crystal No crystal Crystal No crystal
1st Trial 10 0 20 0
2nd Trial 18 3 18 2
3rd Trial 20 0 18 2
  1. Values indicate the number of nematodes in which the crystal-like structure was formed. Pl 12 h + Ec 0 h; C. elegans grown on P. luminescens for 12 hours from the L4 stage. Pl 12 h + Ec 48 h; C. elegans grown on E. coli for 48 hours after 12-hour incubation on P. luminescens from the L4 stage. The significant differences of present/absent of the crystal in each trial were calculated by Fischer’s exact test.