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Table 2 Features of analytic database management system

From: Computerized database management system for breast cancer patients

Features Description
User login • Provide different level of accessible users such as staff and doctors, with password requirement.
New patient registration • Allow the registration of new patient to be done digitally without filling any hardcopy form. The information is stored directly into the database.
Patient personal details • Enable the viewing of all details in the department.
• Provide update, edit, and delete functions which allow modifications to be done.
Patient diagnosis report • Hold the diagnosis reports for all patients.
• Allow the authorized user to view, edit or update the diagnosis reports for certain patients
Appointment • Allows the search and view appointments.
  • Assist staff to arrange appointments for patients and doctors.
Data analysis • Distribution of patients based on their age and race.
  • Perform analysis on patients with or without breast cancer.