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Table 1 Descriptions of proposed system

From: Computerized database management system for breast cancer patients

Criteria Descriptions Proposed features
High security Require username and password in order to gain access into the system. User login page
Provide differential accessible level for the user, where not all functions can be performed by some users. Main menu page
Indicate dates of modifications and updates. Patient personal details and diagnosis report page
Time saving Link several computers in the hospital together in order to allow the transfer of reports or data. Server and client network
Provide a feature that can rapidly view, retrieve, update and modify the database. Patient personal details and diagnosis report page
Low cost and less man power Low cost as all data are stored in the database rather than on hard copies. MySQL database
Require less man power as the database can be easily handled. MySQL database
Unlimited storage The MySQL database has near unlimited storage capability. MySQL database
Less human error All the data are stored in the permanent database with back-ups. Data will not be easily lost or erased. MySQL database
Feature allows user to insert the new patient data during patient registration and there is a notification given for missing information. New patient registration page
Fast and easy to perform data analysis Automatic calculation tools to assist data analysis and output graphs are plotted automatically. Data analysis page