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Table 2 Culture shock

From: Personal travel blogs as texts for studying intercultural interactions: a pilot test case study of an American sojourner’s blogs from Zimbabwe

Coding categories Number of instances
A sense of loss of common cues that tell a person how to behave and how to communicate appropriately. 1
Loss of ability to accurately make sense of situations and environments due to cultural differences. Sense of disorientation. 5
Losing the power of easy communication. 1
Feeling deprived of things a person is used to like friends, family, possessions, food, drink, ways of living, etc. 3
A sense of confusion about role expectations (for self and for others) 0
Feeling helpless and/or not able to cope normally in different situations. 5
Feeling surprised, anxious, worried, or stressed by situations encountered in the host culture. 5
Questioning identity (personal and cultural) 1
Feeling homesick. 1
Feeling bored. 0
Withdrawal 1
Negative stereotyping of host culture and people 2