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Table 1 Table of notations and parameters

From: Mean-field analysis of orientation selectivity in inhibition-dominated networks of spiking neurons

Neuron model   
Membrane time constant τ m 20 ms
Resting potential V rest 0 mV
Threshold voltage V th 20 mV
Reset voltage V reset 20 mV
Refractory period τ ref 2 ms
Synaptic model   
Synaptic time constant τ syn 0.5 ms
Peak EPSP EPSP 0.01,...,1 mV
Synaptic efficacy J τsyne EPSP
Inhibition dominance ratio g 8
Feedforward strength EPSPffw 0.1 mV
Synaptic delay D 1.5 ms
Network connectivity   
Number of neurons N 12 500
Excitatory fraction f 0.8
Connection probability ε 10%
Weight matrix W w i j
Network operator A 1 W 1
Stimulus orientation θ 0°,15°,...,165°
Preferred orientation (PO) θ [0°,180°)
Contrast C 9,39,99%
Baseline firing rate s B 12,16,20 kHz
Modulation ratio m m=10%
Simulation time t sim 6 000 ms
Orientation selectivity index OSI  
Orientation selectivity vector OSV  
Scatter degree index SDI  
Baseline (modulation) gain γ B (γ M )  
Linearized neuronal gain ζ  
Tuning curve T i (θ)