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Table 4 Mean performance of Fusarium stalk rot and charcoal rot on lesion length and grain yield in sorghum exotic germplasm and adapted lines

From: Genotypic variation in sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] exotic germplasm collections for drought and disease tolerance

Environment Lesion length (cm)   Grain yield (g plant-1)
F. thapsinum M. phaseolina Control F. thapsinum M. phaseolina Control
Dryland 8.44b*(0.11-38.10) 9.39b (0.10-35.58) 2.90b (0.11-4.55) 31.52b (0.85-72.55) 35.73b (6.91-78.86) 33. 55b (0.23-79.15)
Irrigated 10.47a (0.12-40.50) 13.01a (0.11-64.10) 4.67a (0.02-5.56) 42.06a (2.43-79.20) 43.94a (5.25-84.89) 40.47a(1.25-87.47)
LSD (0.05) 0.92 0.86 0.93 2.97 3.51 2.87
  1. *Means followed by same letters are not significantly different according to LSD (P < 0.05) within trait and between environments; Values in parentheses indicate the mean range.