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Table 1 Parameters of the soil profile used in this study

From: Variability and distribution of spatial evapotranspiration in semi arid Inner Mongolian grasslands from 2002 to 2011

Soil horizon Texture class Thickness (cm) S% ψfkPa θfm3 m-3 θsm3 m-3 Kfmm d-1
A1 sandy clay loam 45 0 −6.3 0.317 0.420 4.2
A2 sandy loam 23 0 −7.9 0.266 0.435 5.5
C loamy sand 50 0 −3.8 0.203 0.410 3.5
  1. Soil hydraulic parameters and thickness were deduced from texture of available data (> 30 samples of soils in the typical steppe land use unit of the Xilin river catchment) after Clapp and Hornberger (1978), provided by Federer (2002), the most important soil parameter input for BROOK90 are stone fraction (S), matrix potential at field capacity (ψf,), volumetric water content at field capacity (θf), porosity / water content at saturation (θs), hydraulic conductivity at field capacity (Kf).