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Table 3 Myxozoan parasites used for pairwise comparison with the yellowfin goby myxozoan

From: Henneguya sp. in yellowfin goby Acanthogobius flavimanus from the San Francisco Estuary

Species Host Location Accession no. Domain III (540 bp) Domain I-III (1.3 kb) Reference
Goby myxozoan parasite Yellowfin goby California, USA JN566045 978-1,520 413-1,750 This study
Henneguya doori Yellow perch Halifax, Canada U37549.1 894-1,440 362-1,661 Siddall et al. 1995
Henneguya ictaluri Channel catfish Mississippi, USA AF195510.1 947-1,488 412-1,717 Hanson et al. 2001
Henneguya lesteri Unknown Unknown AF306794.1 984-1,527 418-1,758 Unpublished data
Henneguya pagri Red sea bream Japan AB183748.1 956-1,499 417-1,732 Yokoyama et al. 2005
Henneguya pseudorhinogobii Freshwater goby Nagara River, Japan AB447996.1 895-1,437 333-1,663 Kageyama et al. 2009
Henneguya rhinogobii Freshwater goby Nagara River, Japan AB447992.1 891-1,433 331-1,660 Kageyama et al. 2009
Henneguya sp. Palometa Caribbean Sea, Mexico DQ377706.1 979-1,527 427-1,751 Fiala 2006
Henneguya sp. Mottled sculpin Unknown U13826.1 929-1,473 394-1,707 Smothers et al. 1994
Myxobolus albi Common goby Forth Estuary, Scotland EU420055.1 493-1,033 1-1,189 Picon-Camacho et al. 2009
Myxobolus bizerti Mullet Ichkeul Lake, Tunisia AY129318.1 844-1,386 367-1,591 Bahri et al. 2003
Myxobolus exiguus Mullet Ichkeul Lake, Tunisia AY129317.1 841-1,382 305-1,587 Bahri et al. 2003
Myxobolus ichkeulensis Mullet Ichkeul Lake, Tunisia AF378337.1 839-1,382 300-1,590 Bahri et al. 2003
Myxobolus spinacurvatura Mullet Ichkeul Lake, Tunisia AF378341.2 787-1,327 251-1,533 Bahri et al. 2003
  1. Note: The location of the conserved region of the 18S rDNA (Domain III) of the myxozoans (Picon-Camacho et al. 2009) is shown. The short conserved regions (Domain III, ca. 540 bp) and the long fragments (Domain I through III, ca 1.3 kb) of the 18S rDNA sequences were both used for pairwise comparison while the phylogenetic analysis, used only the long fragments.