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Table 1 Parameters for Biolacta N5 in the conversion of o NPG, lactose, glucose, galactose, and oligosaccharides

From: β-galactosidase stability at high substrate concentrations

k1 (mmol o NP∙L∙(mmol o NPG∙g protein∙s)-1) 0.10
k3 (mmol o NP∙L∙(mmol lactose∙g protein∙s)-1) 0.012
k6 (mmol o NP∙L∙(mmol oligos∙g protein∙s)-1) 0.077
ka 1 (mmol o NP∙L∙(mmol o NPG∙g protein∙s)-1) 0.0063
ka 2 (mmol o NP∙L∙(mmol H2O∙g protein∙s)-1) 0.0042
ka 4 (mmol o NP∙L∙(mmol glucose∙g protein∙s)-1) 0.00092
ka 5 (mmol o NP∙L∙(mmol galactose∙g protein∙s)-1) 0.023
K i (mM) 255