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Table 2 Bacterial strains and features

From: Antibacterial activities of the methanol extracts of seven Cameroonian dietary plants against bacteria expressing MDR phenotypes

Bacteria Features References
Escherichia coli   
ATCC8739 Reference strain of Escherichia coli  
ATCC10536 Reference strain of Escherichia coli  
W3110 Wild-type E. coli K-12 (Bagliomi et al. 2003)
MC4100 Wild-type E. coli K-12 , KANR (Martina 2002)
AG100A AG100 ΔacrAB::KANR (Monks et al. 1992; Okusu et al. 1996; Pradel and Pagès 2002)
AG100Atet ΔacrAB mutant AG100, owing acrF gene markedly overexpressed; TETR Monks et al. (1992)
AG102 ΔacrAB mutant AG100 Chevalier et al. (2000)
AG100 Wild-type E. coli K-12 Lorenzi et al. (2009)
E. aerugenes   
ATCC13048 Reference strain  
EA294 EA 289 ΔacrAB: KANR (Pradel and Pagès 2002; Ghisalberti et al. 2005)
CM64 CHLR resistant variant obtained from ATCC13048 over-expressing the AcrAB pump Ghisalberti et al. (2005)
EA298 EA 289 tolC::KANR (Pradel and Pagès 2002; Ghisalberti et al. 2005)
EA27 Clinical MDR isolate exhibiting energy-dependent norfloxacin and chloramphenicol efflux with KANR and AMPR and NALR and STRR and TETR (Mallèa et al. 2002; Ghisalberti et al. 2005)
EA289 KAN sensitive derivative of EA27 Ghisalberti et al. (2005)
Klebsiella pneumoniae   
ATCC11296 Reference strain  
Kp55 Clinical MDR isolate, TETR ,AMPR ,ATMR , and CEFR Chevalier et al. (2000)
Kp63 Clinical MDR isolate, TETR,CHLR,AMPR, and ATMR Fredrickson et al. (2004)
K2 Klebsiella pneumonia AcrAB-TolC Laboratory collection
K24 Klebsiella pneumonia e AcrAB-Tolc
Pseudomonas aeruginosa   
PA01 Reference strain  
PA124 MDR clinical isolate Lorenzi et al. (2009)
Providencia stuartii   
ATCC29916 Reference strain  
PS2636 Clinical MDR isolate, AcrAB Laboratory collection
PS299645 Clinical MDR isolate, AcrAB
Enterobacter cloacae  
BM47 Enterobacter cloacae AcrAB-Tolc
ECCI69 Enterobacter cloacae AcrAB-TolC
BM67 Enterobacter cloacae AcrAB-TolC  
  1. AMPR, ATMR, CEFR, CFTR, CHLR, FEPR, KANR, MOXR, NALR, NORR STRR, and TETR Resistance to ampicillin, aztreonam, cephalothin, cefadroxil, chloramphenicol, cefepime, kanamycin, moxalactam, streptomycin, and tetracycline; MDR multidrug resistant., OMPF and OMPC Outer Membran Protein F and C respectively. AcrAB-TolC efflux pump AcrAB associate to TolC porine, Pa Pseudomonas aeruginosa.