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Table 1 Number of specimens collected for each location with the number of morpho-species recognized

From: Biodiversity baseline of the French Guiana spider fauna

Sampling site Coordinates Season Number of Number of Type of Sampling
    collected individuals morpho-species habitats methods
Crique Baggot 22N0329797-0501628 Wet 24 23 FF B(1), SN(1), H(1)
Gentry plots (Petite Montagne Tortue, Régina) 22N0362289-0477672 Wet, Dry 97 58 WS, FF, TF MT, WP
Gentry plots (Laussat Ouest) 22N0213521-0605836 Wet, Dry 76 42 WS, FF, TF MT, WP
Grand Connétable Island 22N0396505-0534312 Wet 15 10 OI H(2)
Kaw 22N0315898-0556000 Wet 78 60 WF B(2), SN(2), S(2)
La Trinité 22N0232748-0510994 Dry 439 242 FF, TF, I B (6), SN(6), S(3), WP
Mont Itoupé - Wet 74 61 I WP, MT
Nouragues 22N0314321-0446496 Wet 338 175 FF, TF, I B(6), SN(6), S(3), WP
Nouragues 22N0307547-0450440 Dry 375 270 FF, TF, I B(10), SN(10), S(5), WP
Piste des compagnons 22N0310766-0564719 Dry 27 25 TF MT
Saül 22N0253843-0400740 Wet 482 347 FF, TF, I B(6), SN-6), S(3),
Savane-roche Virginie 22N0257866, W0731672 Dry 117 43 I SN(2), H(2)
Total    2142 NA   
  1. Abbreviations: (FF Flooded Forest, TF Terra Firme, I Inselberg, WF Wet Forest, OI Oceanic Island, WS White Sand, B Beating, SN Sweep Net, S Sieve, H by Hand, WP Window Pane trap, MT Malaise Trap. Numbers in brackets reflect the units of sampling effort for the active techniques applied. The wet season lasts from December until June and the dry season from July until November with some little variations. The total number of M-S cannot be determined (and it is therefore noted NA=Not Applicable) because at some sites spiders were not photographed and could not be compared with other sites (those sites are the ones not used for the following analyses).