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Figure 2

From: Accuracy of axillary ultrasound in preoperative nodal staging of breast cancer - size of metastases as limiting factor

Figure 2

Boxplot graph illustrating the difference in nodal metastasis size (mm) in all patients with suspicious (TP = true-positive) and normal axillary ultrasound (FN = false-negative). In the TP group mean metastasis size is 15.5 mm (SD 6.80) in comparison to a mean size of 7.7 mm (SD 5.2) in the FN group mean (p < 0.001). At a cut-off of 10 mm metastasis size, approximately 75% of patients with lymph node metastasis ≥10 mm are detected with AUS, whereas 75% of patients with metastases <10 mm had normal AUS findings.

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