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Figure 1

From: Hybrid procedure using perineal and abdominal approaches for radical prostatocystectomy: initial experience with 16 select cases

Figure 1

Perineal surgery under an exaggerated lithotomy position. A. Following general anesthesia induction, the patient is placed in an exaggerated dorsal lithotomy position. B. An inverse U-shaped incision is made on the apex of the middle perineum between the bilateral ischial tuberosities. C. The central tendon is incised with cauterization. D. Denonvilliers’ fascia is identified after blunt division of the rectourethralis muscle. E. The corpus spongiosum is sharply dissected from the corpora cavenosa, with the dissection continued distant until the fossa navicularis and external urethral meatus are reached. F. The urethra is incised at the level of the urethral fossa navicularis. correct virsion

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