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Figure 1

From: Imipenem/cilastatin sodium (IPM/CS) as an embolic agent for transcatheter arterial embolisation: a preliminary clinical study of gastrointestinal bleeding from neoplasms

Figure 1

A 59-year-old man diagnosed with malignant lymphoma at the jejunum had melena for 2 days (patient 2). Angiography from the jejunal artery (a) showed extravasation of the contrast medium (arrow). TAE with 0.2 g IPM/CS was performed through a microcatheter placed at a site proximal to the arterial arcade of the jejunal artery. Angiography post embolisation (b) showed disappearance of extravasation and devascularisation around the extravasation point (arrows). On the following day of the first TAE, angiography was repeated because of haematemesis and melena, which suggested rebleeding. Recanalisation of the jejunal segment was observed without extravasation (c). Embolisation using 0.6 g IPM/CS was performed from the same site of the jejunal artery as the first TAE. Haemostasis was successfully obtained and no clinical or laboratory sign suggesting rebleeding was observed after the second TAE. The patient died at 163 days after TAE because of the progression of malignant lymphoma.

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