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Figure 1

From: Computational modeling of the p7 monomer from HCV and its interaction with small molecule drugs

Figure 1

Root mean square deviation (RMSD) and fluctuation (RMSF) data of the single TMDs. RMSD (A) and RMSF plots (B I, II, III) of the Cα atoms of the single TMDs embedded in a fully hydrated lipid bilayer. Values for TMD110-32 and TMD236-58 are shown in black and red, respectively (A I); values for the mutants are shown in blue (TMD236-58F44Y), green (TMD236-58Y42F/Y45F) and orange (TMD236-58Y42S/Y45S) (A II), those for TMD11-32 are shown in (A III). The respective RMSF values are shown in the same color scheme as mentioned. Residue numbers according to the sequence number in the protein (see Materials and Methods).

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