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Table 1 The UMLS semantic types used

From: Automatic topic identification of health-related messages in online health community using text classification

Abbr. Semantic types Abbr. Semantic types
Aapp Amino acid, peptide, or protein Imft Immunologic factor
Acab Acquired abnormality Inpo Injury or poisoning
Anab Anatomical abnormality lbpr Laboratory procedure
Bdsy Body system Mobd Mental or behavioral dysfunction
Blor Body location or region Neop Neoplastic process
Bmod Biomedical occupation or discipline Orch Organic chemial
Bpoc Body part, organ, or organ component Patf Pathologic function
Diap Diagnostic procedure Phsu Pharmacologic substance
Dsyn Disease or syndrome Sosy Sign or symptom
Horm Hormone Topp Therapeutic or preventive procedure