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Figure 4

From: Proliferative effect and osteoinductive potential of extracellular matrix coated on cell culture plates

Figure 4

Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity and extracellular calcium (Ca) deposition of BMSCs seeded on the two different ECMs. ALP activity was detected using the p-nitrophenyl phosphate method. After 5, 7 days of culture, the result showed that the ALP activity of BMSCs grown on osteoblast-ECM is higher than for other groups (A). After 7 days of culture, the Ca content was assayed using the methyl thymol blue complexon method, the result indicated that BMSCs grown on osteoblast-ECM secrete more Ca than the cells in other groups (B). **P <0.01, * P <0.05, between the indicated groups, n = 7 per group.

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