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Table 1 Examples of non-carbohydrate stem cell markers which are also cancer stem cell markers

From: What makes cancer stem cell markers different?

Marker Description Expressed on Selected references
Cellular localization Normal stem or progenitor cells Cancer stem cells
ALDH1 Aldehyde dehydrogenase Cytoplasma AdSC (breast) CSC (breast and other carcinomas 1
Bmi-1 Polycomb protein Cytoplasma HSC, NSC, AdSC (intestine, breast, prostate) CSC (breast, prostate cancer, neuroblastomas, leukemias) 2, 3
CD29 Integrin-β1 Membrane AdSC (breast) CSC (breast, colon cancer) 4, 5
CD34 Adhesion protein Membrane HSC, MSC, HProgC, EnProgC CSC (leukemias, sarcomas) 6-11
CD44 Hyaluronan receptor, adhesion protein Membrane HSC, HProgC, PSC CSC (many carcinomas) 12-16
CD90 Thy-1 Membrane ProgC (thymus), MSC CSC (breast cancer, glioblastomas) 17, 18
CD117 SCF receptor Membrane ProgC CSC (breast, ovarian, lung cancer, glioblastomas) 16, 19
CD133 Prominin-1 Membrane HSC, NSC, AdSC (colon) CSC (many carcinomas, glioblastomas, melanomas) 20-24
CDw338 ABCG2, Bcrp1 ABC transporter, permitting multi-drug resistance Membrane ESC, HSC, AdSC CSC (breast, lung cancer, glioblastomas, melanomas) 25, 26
Nestin Class VI intermediate filament protein Cytoplasma NSC, ProgC (brain), HProgC CSC (glioblastomas, melanomas) 27, 28
Oct-4 Transcription factor Cytoplasma ESC, iPSC CSC (many carcinomas) 29, 30
  1. This table lists only a few examples (exclusively human data) and selected references. It is not intended as a full review.
  2. Abbreviations: AdSC adult stem cell, CSC cancer stem cell, EnProgC endothelial progenitor cell, ESC embryonic stem cell, HProgC hematopoietic progenitor cell, HSC hematopoietic stem cell, ProgC progenitor cell, PSC pluripotent stem cell, iPSC induced pluripotent stem cell.
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