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Table 1 Pearson’s correlation coefficients between the BS and the plasma amino acids

From: Interactive network analysis of the plasma amino acids profile in a mouse model of hyperglycemia

  Coefficient of correlation with BS
  r p value
Ile 0.50 2.15E-21
Leu 0.50 2.15E-21
Val 0.54 2.15E-21
Gly −0.43 1.55E-20
Ala 0.36 7.14E-14
Lys −0.31 1.63E-10
Gln −0.28 6.92E-09
Cit 0.26 6.36E-08
Phe 0.25 1.70E-07
Arg −0.24 6.38E-07
Glu −0.21 1.26E-05
Orn −0.20 2.85E-05
Asp −0.20 4.57E-05
Tyr 0.20 6.03E-05
Tau −0.16 1.05E-03
Ser −0.14 4.40E-03
Pro 0.13 1.04E-02
Trp −0.11 2.56E-02
Met −0.06 2.00E-01
Thr 0.05 2.82E-01
His 0.03 4.92E-01
Asn 0.02 6.14E-01
ABA −0.01 8.89E-01
  1. Pearson’s correlation coefficients were used to evaluate the correlations between the BS and the plasma amino acids of the time-courses.