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Table 2 Logistic regression main effects and interactions of ethnicity, neighborhood poverty and primary health insurers on early diagnosis of node negative breast cancer

From: Health insurance mediation of the Mexican American non-Hispanic white disparity on early breast cancer diagnosis

Predictor variables (Baseline Comparison) Odds ratio 95 percent confidence interval
Separate main effect models
Ethnicity (Non-Hispanic white)
  Mexican American 0.77 0.60, 0.99
Neighborhood poverty (low poverty)
  Middle poverty 0.92 0.78, 1.08
  High poverty 0.79 0.66, 0.94
Primary health insurer (uninsured or Medicaid)
  Private or Medicare 1.38 1.14, 1.67
Full model
Ethnicity (Non-Hispanic white)
  Mexican American 1.12 0.77, 1.63
Neighborhood poverty (low poverty)
  Middle poverty 0.95 0.80, 1.12
  High poverty 0.86 * 0.71, 1.03
Primary health insurer (uninsured or Medicaid)
  Private or Medicare 1.40 1.13, 1.73
Ethnicity by neighborhood poverty by primary health insurer 0.64 * 0.39, 1.07
  1. Notes: All effects were age and grade-adjusted. After these covariates, ethnicity, poverty, health insurance and their interactions were accounted for, geographic place and marital status did not enter the full model. Barrio was not entered as it was not theoretically or hypothetically meaningful for NHW women.
  2. *p < .10.