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Table 2 Means comparsion of nano Tio 2 spraying times on traits of Zea mays

From: Study of photosynthetic pigments changes of maize (Zea mays L.) under nano Tio2 spraying at various growth stages

Anthocyanins (μmol.g-1.fw) Carotenoids (mg.g-1.fw) Chlorophyll a/b Total chlorophyll (a + b) (mg.g-1.fw) Chlorophyll b (mg.g-1.fw) Chlorophyll a (mg.g-1.fw) Times of spraying
31.12c 1.61c 1.25a 4.79b 2.12b 2.67b Vegetative stage
32.82b 1.64b 1.26a 4.87a 2.15a 2.72a Appearance of male flowers
34.56 a 1.65a 1.25a 4.88a 2.15a 2.72a Appearance of female flowers
  1. Note: Means in the same columns and rows, followed by the same letter are not significantly difference (P < 0.01).