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Table 2 Molecular weights and pI of oxygenases known to play a role in TCE cometabolism (predicted through compute pI tool at Expasy Bioinformatics Resource Portal)

From: Purification and identification of trichloroethylene induced proteins from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia PM102 by immuno-affinity-chromatography and MALDI-TOF Mass spectrometry

Oxygenases involved in TCE cometabolism Uniprot accession numbers Predicted molecular weights (Da). Predicted pI
Toluene dioxygenase large subunit) from Pseudomonas putida Q3LWS6 50944.27 5.27
Benzene dioxygenase α subunit from P. putida A5W4F2 50944 5.27
Benzene dioxygenase β subunit from P. putida A5W4F1 22012.81 5.78
Methane monooxygenase from Methylosinus trichosporium Q53563 37991.29 5.80
Ammonia monooxygenase from Nitrosomonas europaea Q04508 46792.93 6.77
Propane monooxygenase from Rhodococcus sp. Q0SJK9 63222.42 5.56
Phenol hydroxylase from Pseudomonas sp. P19734 38477.58 4.79