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Table 1 Blind mole rat specimens used in the genetic analyses

From: European rodent on the edge: status and distribution of the Vojvodina blind mole rat

Chromosomal form Settlement Country Voucher accession no. GenBank no.
Montanosyrmiensis Kelebia Hungary HNHM 22789 JN656386
Montanosyrmiensis Stražilovo Serbia HNHM 23396 JN656391
Montanosyrmiensis Čortanovci Serbia HNHM 23397 JN656392
Leucodon Odessa Ukraine HNHM 23208 JN656388
Hungaricus Battonya Hungary HNHM 23001 JN656387
Transsylvanicus Hajdúbagos Hungary HNHM 21838 JN656385