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Table 2 Cell viability and DNA damage in leukocytes of TeAsp- treated mice

From: Sub-acute administration of (S)-dimethyl 2-(3-(phenyltellanyl) propanamido) succinate induces toxicity and oxidative stress in mice: unexpected effects of N-acetylcysteine

Treatment Viability (%) D.I.
PBS/DMSO 86.7±2.35 12.25±1.65
NAC/DMSO 86.8±3.91 11.00±1.78
PBS/TeAsp 91.7±2.50 13.75±4.80
NAC/TeAsp 94.8±0.85 9.70±3.35
  1. Results are mean ± S.E.M., n= 5 per group. One way ANOVA followed by Newman-Keuls Multiple Comparison Test. Viability means the percentage of Trypan blue-negative cells.
  2. D.I.: Damage index was calculated as follows: DI = n1 + 2n2 + 3n3 + 4n4.
  3. Where, n1 represents the number of cells with level 1 of damage; n2, number of cells with level 2 of damage; n3, number of cells with level 3 of damage; n4, number of cells with level 4 of damage.