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Figure 4

From: Sub-acute administration of (S)-dimethyl 2-(3-(phenyltellanyl) propanamido) succinate induces toxicity and oxidative stress in mice: unexpected effects of N-acetylcysteine

Figure 4

Effects of (S)dimethyl 2-(3 (phenyltellanyl) propanamido) succinate (TeAsp) on TrxR activity in brain (A) and liver (B) of mice. The results are expressed as TNB/min/mg of protein and data are reported as mean ± S.E.M. of 5 animals per group. One way ANOVA followed by Newman-Keuls Multiple Comparison Test. * (p<0.05), ** (p<0.01) or *** (p<0.001) represents significant differences from PBS/DMSO group; ## (p<0.01) or ### (p<0.001) represents significant differences from NAC/DMSO group.

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