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Table 4 Percentage of leaves with galls (LWG) and galls per infested leaf (GIL), for two grape cultivars and three years of study, in Juanicó and Progreso, Uruguay

From: Life history and assessment of grapevine phylloxera leaf galling incidence on Vitis species in Uruguay

Growing season Mean LWG Mean GIL
2004-2005 51.13 a* 47.15 a
2005-2006 16.66 b 15.84 b
2006-2007 53.66 a 31.41 a
Locality Mean LWG Mean GIL
Juanicó 32.10 b 22.84 b
Progreso 47.59 a 45.76 a
Cultivar Mean LWG Mean GIL
Cabernet Sauvignon 36.79 a 39.37 a
Viognier 42.79 a 33.52 a
  1. Note: Comparing the average damage by growing season, locality and cultivar.
  2. * Numbers in a column followed by the same letter are not statistically different (P > 0.05) according to the χ2 test when comparing the growing seasons, localities and cultivars.