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Table 3 The price of some main components of milk

From: Wicked problems: a value chain approach from Vietnam’s dairy product

Component Price (USD)/ton Price (VND)/kg
The prices of milks with imported ingredients
Full-cream milk powder 3.400 USD/ton 61.200
Skimmed milk powder 3.000 USD/ton 54.000
High-protein fat milk 5.000 USD/ton 90.000
The prices of some other components
DHA 80 USD/kg 1.440.000
Calcium 7 USD/kg 126.000
Complex vitamin 10 USD/kg 180.000
  1. Source: Trương Minh Huy (2009), Dairy sector value chain analysis, Research Department - Tai Viet Jointstock company, Hanoi, p.12.