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Table 4 Statistically significant correlation coefficients between students’ averaged scores of individual performance from peer team members and individual-level traits (i.e. GPA, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness)

From: The influence of personality and ability on undergraduate teamwork and team performance

Aspects of Individual Performance GPA E A C ES O
Failed to do an equal share of the work.       
Kept an open mind, was willing to consider others’ ideas.       
Was fully engaged in discussions during meetings.       
Took a leadership role in some aspects of the project. r=.307      
Often tried to excessively dominate group discussions. r=.209      
Contributed useful ideas that helped the group succeed. r=.316      
Encouraged group to complete the project on a timely basis. r=.297   r=.202    
  p=.004   p=.05    
Delivered work when promised/needed. r=.327      
Had difficulty negotiating issues with members of the group.       
Communicated ideas clearly and effectively. r=.206