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Table 1 Our proposed check-list for precisely understanding the UML RA model

From: A review method for UML requirements analysis model employing system-side prototyping

Diagrams Check points Elements Properties
Activity diagram (1) Are input objects of actions expressed? Action Name
  (2) Are output objects of actions expressed? Action, Object node Location
  (3) Are derived relations between objects expressed? Object node Derived relation
  (4) Are pre/post conditions of actions expressed? Action Pre/post condition
  (5) Are there inappropriate objects about singular/collection? Object node Classifier, Name
  (6) Are conditional branches omitted? Decision node Guard
Class diagram (7) Is each range of values expressed? Attribute of class Invariant
  (8) Is each format of values expressed? Attribute of class Invariant
  (9) Are there inconsistencies between a type and values? Class, Instance spec. Type of attribute, Value of slot
  1. This check-list is used by each analyst to understand his/her part of the UML RA model about the internal aspects precisely.