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Table 3 Localization and depths of sediment samples studied

From: Phylogenetic identification of marine bacteria isolated from deep-sea sediments of the eastern South Atlantic Ocean

Sample Station Latitude Longitude Depth (m) Region Sampler
1 Cape abyss ST 36º21'22'S 05º52'09'E 1107 CAP Trawls
2 Geo-1 23º30'52’S 04º17'19’W 5000 AAP Push-core
3 Geo-2 35º20’00’S 03º01’00’W 5083 CAP Push-core
4 Geo-3, 10cm 35º50'18’S 03º26'38’E 5200 CAP Push-core
5 Geo-3, 70cm 35º50'18’S 03º26'38’E 5200 CAP Trawls
6 Superstation 0 25º41'70’S 02º20'72’W 4640 RT Push-core
7 Superstation 4 04º40'22’S 12º16'20’W 1900 SEMS Trawls
8 Superstation 10 33º40’17’S 02º35’12’E 4400 WRS Trawls
  1. Legend: CAP, Cape Abyssal Plain; AAP, Angola Abyssal Plain; SEMS, South Equatorial Region; WRS, Walvis Ridge Region.