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Figure 5

From: Edge-interior differences in the species richness and abundance of drosophilids in a semideciduous forest fragment

Figure 5

Analysis of dependence (ANADEP), relating the distance of the edge and richness of the species. The points of 0 the 60 correspond to the edge area and of 80 the 200 to the inside of the fragment. S. latifasciaeformis (scp), Z. indianus (zap), D. malerkotliana (mal), D. simulans (sim), D. mediopunctata (mdp), D. paranaensis (par), D. nebulosa (neb), D. polymorpha (pol), D. mercatorum (mer), D. ararama (ara), D. sturtevanti (stu), D. prosaltans (pro), D. guarani (gua), D. willistoni (wil), D. austrosaltans (aus), D. immigrans (img), D. medioatriata (mdt).

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