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Figure 1

From: The combination of Ki67, histological grade and estrogen receptor status identifies a low-risk group among 1,854 chemo-naïve women with N0/N1 primary breast cancer

Figure 1

Kaplan-Meier survival estimates of event-free survival, and hazard ratios(HR)with corresponding 95%confidence intervals(CI)for the different subsets(1a-e),stratified by patient material, and for all the patients(1f). From Patient materials I-V the following subsets were extracted: Set 1: node-negative (N0), no adjuvant therapy, ≤50 years at diagnosis (1a), Set 2: N0, no adjuvant therapy, >50 years at diagnosis (1b), Set 3: node-positive (N1), no adjuvant therapy (1c), Set 4: N0, adjuvant endocrine therapy (1d), and Set 5: N1, adjuvant endocrine therapy (1e). Event-free survival corresponds to distant disease-free survival for Patient materials I-II and IV-V, and to recurrence-free survival for Patient material III.

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