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Table 1 Similarity between the isolates and closest species in GenBank

From: Diversity of endophytic fungi from roots of Panax ginseng and their saponin yield capacities

Strain ID Accession No. Closest species (Accession No.) Similarity (%)
Pg31 JQ807916 Verticillium sp. (AY312607) 99.5
Engyodontium album (HM214541) 99.3
Engyodontium album (DQ872372) 97.9
Pg50-1 JQ807940 Fusarium sp. (AB294824) 100
Pg14 JQ807941 Fusarium sp. (AB294823) 100
Fusarium solani (AB363765) 100
Pg33-2 JQ807905 Penicillium guttulosum (HQ646592) 100
Pg33 JQ807906 Penicillium menonorum (HQ646591) 100
Penicillium menonorum(HQ646590) 99.8
Pg42-1 JQ807917 Verticillium sp. (HM057107) 100
Verticillium psalliotae (AF500907) 100
Verticillium psalliotae (AB378520) 99.6
Pg44 JQ807958 Uncultured Ascomycota (HQ432963) 100
Pg4-2 JQ807959 Plectosphaerella cucumerina (JF780520) 100
Pg64 JQ807960 Plectosphaerella cucumerina (HQ239034) 100
Pg4-1 JQ807961   
Pg42 JQ807911 Aspergillus fumigatus (JQ268555) 100
Pg41-2 JQ807912 Aspergillus fumigatus (JN938928) 100
Aspergillus fumigatus (AB354184) 100
Pg34 JQ807970 Fungal sp. (GU552503) 99.6
Fusarium oxysporum (FJ614650) 99.6
Fusarium sp. (AB373725) 99.6
Pg50 JQ807951 Penicillium simplicissimum (HM469430) 99.5
Pg50-1 JQ807940 Penicillium sp. (HM469409) 99.5
Penicillium brasilianum (HM469396) 99.5
Pg61 JQ807988 Uncultured Ascomycota (HQ433122) 95.6
Uncultured Ascomycete (HQ432972) 95.5
Uncultured Ascomycete (EU489938) 93.4
Pg32 JQ807987 Penicillium guttulosum (HQ646592) 92.4
Penicillium menonorum (HQ646591) 92.4
Penicillium menonorum (HQ646590) 92.2
Pg10 JQ807978 Uncultured Ascomycota (HQ433122) 99.6
Pg5 JQ807980 Paraphoma chrysanthemicola (GQ387582) 98.9
Pg63 JQ807979 Paraphoma chrysanthemicola (GQ387583) 98.9
Pg12-1 JQ807937 Fusarium sp. (AB294826) 100
Nectria haematococca (DQ119558) 99.8
Nectria haematococca (HM042416) 99.8
Pg36 JQ807948 Fungal sp. (GU552494) 100
Neonectria radicicola (HM364304) 99.6
Neonectria radicicola (U17415) 99.3
Pg34 JQ807970 Cladosporium sp. (FJ790290) 100
Cladosporium cladosporioides (AY213695) 100
Passalora fulva (AB100653) 100
Pg40 JQ807971 Cladosporium cladosporioides (JN651416) 100
Cladosporium silenes (JF770463) 100
Uncultured Cladosporium (JF449832) 100
Pg30-1 JQ807913 Aspergillus sydowii (GU004536) 100
Pg30 JQ807914 Aspergillus protuberus (GQ132189) 100
Pg5-1 JQ807915 Aspergillus sydowii (EF652473) 100
Pg27 JQ807957 Fusarium subglutinans (HQ876767) 100
Fusarium proliferatum (HQ332533) 100
Fusarium sp. (EU193176) 100
Pg16-1 JQ807977 Uncultured Pleosporales (JF691161) 100
Uncultured Epicoccum (JF449817) 100
Uncultured Epicoccum (JF449816) 100
Pg6 JQ807936 Nectria haematococca (HM042416) 100
Pg28 JQ807934 Nectria haematococca (AB373719) 100
Pg79 JQ807933 Nectria haematococca (AB513852) 100
Pg42-2 JQ807932   
Pg41-1 JQ807931   
Pg41 JQ807930   
Pg45 JQ807919 Uncultured soil fungus (EU691410) 100
Pg60 JQ807920 Uncultured soil fungus (EU691436) 100
Pg47 JQ807921 Uncultured soil fungus (EF639724) 99.5