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Table 1 Natural regions, a real coverage (hectares (ha)) and rainfall distribution in Zimbabwe

From: Opportunities for optimization of in-field water harvesting to cope with changing climate in semi-arid smallholder farming areas of Zimbabwe

Natural region Area (000 ha) % of total land Annual rainfall (mm) Farming system
I 613 1.56 >1000 Suitable for dairy farming forestry, tea, coffee, fruit, beef and maize production
II 7 343 18.68 750-1000 Suitable for intensive farming, based on maize, tobacco, cotton and livestock
III 6 855 17.43 650-800 Semi-intensive farming region. Suitable for livestock production, fodder crops and cash crops
IV 13 010 036 33.02 450-650 Suitable for farm systems based on livestock and resistant fodder crops. Forestry, wildlife/tourism
V 10 288 26.2 <450 Extensive farming region. Suitable for extensive cattle Ranching, forestry, wildlife/tourism