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Table 3 Control models (total of 10 runs of Pre-industrial simulations)

From: A secularly varying hemispheric climate-signal propagation previously detected in instrumental and proxy data not detected in CMIP3 data base

Model Run Sampling interval Significant modes RC Character Comments
BCCR_bcm2_0 1 5y none   
CCCMA_cgcm3 1 Annual none   
CCCMA_cgcm3 1 5y RC1 single non-stationary
no propagation
CNRM_cm3 1 Annual none   
CNRM_cm3 1 5y RC1 single No propagation
CSIRO_mk3 1 Annual none   
CSIRO_mk3 1 5y RC2 single No propagation
GFDL_2_0 1 5y RCs 1,2 singles No propagation
GISS_aom 1 Annual none   
GISS_aom 1 5y none   
  1. No significant pairs were identified in any of the control runs analyzed. No propagation occurred in the statistically significant single modes.