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Table 1 Indices used in study and descriptions for index-reconstructions

From: A secularly varying hemispheric climate-signal propagation previously detected in instrumental and proxy data not detected in CMIP3 data base

Index General description for index-reconstruction: Reference
NHT Average surface land temperature and SST of the Northern Hemisphere (Jones & Moberg 2003; Rayner et al. 2006)
AMO SSTA averaged over 0 to 60°N, 75°W to 7.5°W (Kerr 2000; Enfield et al. 2001; Sutton and Hodson 2003)
NAO Normalized pressure (SLP) difference between the Azores High-Pressure system (~33.2°W, 32.2°N) and the Icelandic Low-Pressure system (~33.15°W, 59.6°N). [~1st PC of SLP in North Atlantic] (Hurrell 1995)
NINO3.4 Average SSTA 5°N to 5°S, 170°W to 120°W (Trenberth 1997)
NPO 2nd EOF of SLPA from 100°E to 120°W, 0 to 90°N (Wang et al. 2007)
PDO Leading PC of SSTA north of 20°N in North Pacific; globally averaged SSTA subtracted from SSTA in Pacific to remove global-warming signal. (Mantua et al. 1997)
ALPI Relative intensity of SLP in North Pacific around 50°N in winter (DJFM). The mean area in km^2 with SLP less than 100.5kPa. Expressed as anomaly relative to 1950 to 1997 mean. (Beamish et al. 1997)