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Figure 9

From: A secularly varying hemispheric climate-signal propagation previously detected in instrumental and proxy data not detected in CMIP3 data base

Figure 9

UKMO_hadcm3 20thc run 1: No stadium-wave signature. (a) Two plots are given. The first is the M-SSA spectrum for this model. The first three modes in UKMO_hadcm3 20thc run 1 overlap and are fairly well separated from the remaining modes; yet error bars for these three are not completely out of the envelope of uncertainty. The second plot in (a) shows the cumulative variance accounted for by the first twenty modes. (b) Shows the RCs for this model. Even if we were to consider the first few modes as being significant, one can see that modes one and two are higher frequency modes (not what we are looking for) and those modes display some non-stationarity in the data (again, not what we are looking for). Mode 3 exhibits multidecadal behavior; yet no propagation is evident.

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