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Table 2 Selected properties of superphosphate and pig slurry applied to the soil columns, and different P fractions of total P in the slurry

From: Phosphorus leaching from loamy sand and clay loam topsoils after application of pig slurry

Properties of P sources Values
Water soluble P, % of total P 95
Pig slurry  
Dry matter content#, % 7.3
Total C, % 31
Total N, % 4.0
Total P, % 1.7
P fractions of total P (%)  
  NH4Cl-P 49.5
  Bicarbonate/dithionite-P 0.5
  NaOH-P 0.7
  HCl-P 0.4
  NaOH org-P 1.1
  Rest-P 47.7
  1. #: Dry matter content is based on fresh weight and the other properties on dry matter.