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Table 1 Summary of alkaloid occurrence by extract

From: Alkaloids from single skins of the Argentinian toad Melanophryniscus rubriventris (ANURA, BUFONIDAE): An unexpected variability in alkaloid profiles and a profusion of new structures

Province Salta Salta Jujuy Salta Jujuy  
Locale El Nogalar Huaico Chico Los Paños Tablada El Cucho  
Alkaloida Classb Toad 1 Toad 2 Toad 3 Toad 4 Toad 5 Toad 6 Toad 7 Toad 8 Toad 9 Toad 10 Nc
169A * Unclass x           1
181F * Iz   x         x 2
183C Unclass -/x    -/x    -/x    x*/- d 4
193C Tri     x      x x 3
193G 5,6,8-I      x*       1
193N * Tri x x x x x x      7
193O * Tri -/x    -/x    -/x    x/- 4
195G 5,6,8-I x/- x/- x/- x/-   -/x*   x/-    6
195L Unclass          x* x* 2
195N * Iz       x      1
196 Q x x    x x    x x 6
199B * Unclass        x     1
203B Tri x x   x    x x    5
203C * Iz   x          1
203D * Unclass   x          1
205G Iz x* x* x* x*        4
205H Tri x x      x x    4
205K Tri        x     1
205M * Tri        x     1
207J Tri   x*   x* x* x*      4
207N Unclass -/x* -/x* -/x*       x*/x* x*/- 6
207U Tri        x x    2
207X * Unclass x x x x        4
207Y * Tri        x x    2
207Z * Tri        x     1
209B 5,8-I           x 1
209N Iz      x x      2
209T * Unclass     -/x    x/-     2
211P Iz       x*      1
211U * Unclass    x         1
221Q 5,6,8-I x x   x    x x    5
221R Iz x/- x/x* x/- x/- x/-   x/-     7
221S Tri x*       x* x*    3
221Z * Tri    -/x -/x      x/- x/- 4
221A2 * Tri      x       1
221B2 * Tri        x     1
223H 3,5-P x/-       x/x    x/- 4
223T Unclass   -/x/−/− -/x/x*/x -/x/-/x   -/x/-/x    x*/x/x*/x x*/x/x*/x 16
223X 5,6,8-I -/x       x/-     2
223AB e 3,5-I -/x    x/x        3
223E2 * Unclass     x        1
225B Pip      x* x*      2
225O * Unclass          x x 2
225P * Tri x           1
225Q * Iz      x/- x/x      3
231B 5,6,8-I    x x        2
231J Unclass        x x    2
235E 5,6,8-I        x*     1
235D2 * Tri   x      x     2
235E2 * Unclass         x    1
236 Spiro     x   x      2
237A PTX x x x   x    x x x 7
237O Tri       x* x* x*    3
237W * Unclass      . x      1
239D2 * 5,6,8-I      x x      2
239E2 * 4,6-Q     x x x      3
239F2 * Amine          x x 2
241J * Amine         x    1
247Q * Unclass x           1
247R * Tri x x x x   x x x    7
247S * Tri       x      1
249P Unclass x*/x       x*/x x*/x    6
249C2 * Unclass        x     1
249D2 * Unclass         x    1
251D PTX x x x x x x x x x x 10
251S 5,6,8-I        x*/x/x -/x/-    4
251F2 * Tri x/x           2
253O Unclass    -/x*       x*/- x*/- 3
253W * Unclass x   x x      x x 5
261D 5,8-I        x* x*    2
261I * Unclass     x   x x x    4
263U * Tri x x x x x x x x    8
263V * Unclass        x x    2
263W * Tri        x x    2
265D2 * Tri x x   x x x x x    7
265E2 * PTX x x x x        4
267R 5,6.8-I x x x x x   x     6
267Z * Unclass       x     x 2
267A2 * Unclass          x/x x/x 4
267B2 * Unclass           x 1
273E * De-5,8-I   x          1
275D De-5,8-I   x*          1
277B PTX     x x   x x x   5
277G PTX x x x x        4
281P * Unclass x           1
281Q * 5,8-I   x/x          2
283G * Iz x x x x x    x x   7
291G PTX x/x x/x x/x x/x -/x -/x    -/x   11
305B PTX x x x x        4
305I * PTX -/x x/x x/x x/x     -/x    8
307A PTX x x x x     x    5
307E PTX x x x x        4
307G PTX x/x* x x x x x x x x   10
309A PTX x        x    2
309K * PTX x x x x        4
321F * PTX         x    1
323A PTX x x x x x x x x x x 10
337D * PTX x x x x        4
341A aPTX x x x x x    x x x 8
348A * Unclass          x x 2
364A * Unclass          x   1
374A * Unclass     x    x x    3
379 f PTX      x   x x    3
380A * Unclass        x/x     2
104 alk.   46g 42g 34g 45g 24g 26g 43g 35g 27g 28g  
  1. a An asterisk after an alkaloid code name indicates an unreported alkaloid, or after an "x" indicates an unreported diastereomer on GC Rt. See Additional file 1 for HRMS data on 19 fragments of the 56 new alkaloids. See Additional file 1 Tables S1-S10 for observed and corrected GC retention times and relevant literature Rt data.
  2. b Abbreviations used: 3,5-P, 3,5-disubstituted pyrrolizidine; 3,5-I, 3,5-disubstituted indolizidine; 5,8-I, 5,8-disubstituted indolizidine; 5,6,8-I, 5,6,8-trisubstituted indolizidine; De-5,8-I, dehydro-5,8-disubstituted indolizidine; Q, quinolizidine; Iz, izidine; 4,6-Q, 4,6-disubstituted quinolizidine; PTX, pumiliotoxin; aPTX, allopumiliotoxin; Spiro, spiropyrrolizidine; Tri, tricyclic; Unclass, unclassified as to structural type.
  3. c Number of occurrences of the coded alkaloid and diastereomers throughout the ten skins.
  4. d Where one or more diastereomers are indicated for a formula, these are listed in the order of increasing Rt on GC.
  5. e The indolizidine of shorter Rt is the 5Z,9Z diastereomer; the indolizidine of the longer Rt is the 5E,9Z diastereomer.
  6. f Alkaloid 323A is occasionally observed at m/z 379 as the dimethylsiloxane, a GC artifact.
  7. g Total number of alkaloids including diastereomers detected in each extract.