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Table 2 Screening the Thaumatin like proteins which can perform dual function against fungal (biotic) and salt (abiotic) stresses through presented promoter regulatory element model (TFBs) in this research for biotic and abiotic stresses

From: Finding the undiscovered roles of genes: an approach using mutual ranking of coexpressed genes and promoter architecture-case study: dual roles of thaumatin like proteins in biotic and abiotic stresses

Organism Locus Primary resistance function Extra regulatory elements related to another type of stress (biotic/abiotic) Secondary predicted resistance function
Arabidopsis AT1G75030 (TLP) Fungal resistance ABRE/CAAT/CARM/IDDF/OPAQ/PSPE/SPF1/WNAC Salt resistance
Arabidopsis AT1G18250 (TLP) Fungal resistance ABRE/CARM/CNAC/GAGA/IDDF/LEGB/MIIG/NACF/OPAQ/SPF1/WNAC Salt resistance
Arabidopsis AT1G73620 (TLP) Fungal resistance CAAT/CARM/CNAC/GAGA/IDDF/NACF/OPAQ/PSPE/SPF1/WNAC Salt resistance
Arabidopsis AT1G77700 (TLP) Fungal resistance ABRE/CAAT/CARM/CNAC/GAGA/IDDF/MIIG/OPAQ/PSPE/SPF1 Salt resistance
Arabidopsis AT4G36010 (TLP) Fungal resistance ABRE/CAAT/CARM/CNAC/GAGA/IDDF/LEGB/MIIG/NACF/OPAQ/PSPE/SPF1/WNAC Salt resistance
Arabidopsis AT4G38660.1 (TLP) Fungal resistance CAAT/CNAC/GAGA/IDDF/MIIG/NACF/OPAQ/PSPE/SPF1 Salt resistance
Arabidopsis AT5G02140 (TLP) Fungal resistance ABRE/CARM/CNAC/MIIG/NACF/OPAQ/PSPE/WNAC Salt resistance
Arabidopsis AT5G40020 (TLP) Fungal resistance ABRE/CAAT/CARM/IDDF/NACF/OPAQ/SPF1/WNAC Salt resistance
Rice Os04G0689900 (TLP) Fungal resistance ABRE/CAAT/CARM/CNAC/IDDF/LEGB/MIIG/NACF/OPAQ/PSPE/SPF1 Salt resistance
Rice Os10G0412700 (TLP) Fungal resistance ABRE/CAAT/CARM/CNAC/GAGA/LEGB/MIIG/NACF/OPAQ/PSPE/SPF1/WNAC Salt resistance
Arabidopsis AT2G28790 (OLP) salt resistance ASRC/CCAF/L1BX/NCS1/WBXF Fungal resistance
Arabidopsis AT4G11650 (OLP) salt resistance ASRC/CCAF/NCS1/WBXF Fungal resistance
Arabidopsis AT1G75800 (OLP) salt resistance ASRC/CCAF/L1BX/NCS1/WBXF Fungal resistance