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Table 1 Transcription factor binding sites on the promoter region of Thaumatin like proteins (TLPs) and Osmotin like proteins (OLPs)

From: Finding the undiscovered roles of genes: an approach using mutual ranking of coexpressed genes and promoter architecture-case study: dual roles of thaumatin like proteins in biotic and abiotic stresses

Thirteen cis-acting regulatory elements which are shared between all OLPs Five cis-acting regulatory elements which are shared between all TLPs
Name Function Name Function
ABRE ABA inducible transcriptional activator ASRC Pathogen defense
CAAT CAAT box CCAF Circadian clock associated
CARM CA-rich element L1BX Homeodomain protein
CNAC Calmodulin binding NAC protein NCS1 Nodulin consensus sequence
GAGA (GA)n/(CT)n binding proteins WBXF Pathogen defense
IDDF Intermediate zinc figure protein   
LEGB Iron-deficiency-responsive element   
MIIG Activator of flavonoid biosynthesis gene   
NACF Transcription factor binding to the iron deficiency-responsive element   
OPAQ Transcriptional activator   
PSPE SA induction of secreted gene   
SPF1 DNA binding protein that binds to beta amylase   
WNAC NAC domain DNA binding factor